Dear Readers,

A new way to achieve market opportunities and gains ? A different approach ? New ways to fimd and infuence new markets and target groups. Together we find less complex routes during some consequetive effective brainstorm sessions !

Since 2011, we have decided to make to you our (international) marketing knowledge and talents. Therefore, the institute has set up a marketing department to assist you in word and deed.

Our main motive is to provide easy accessible marketing knowledge that you can apply immediately in practice. With the help of our marketing people you develop insights that may lead to new orders in your home market and abroad.

Our marketing department has extensive expertise in the field of Strategic Marketing. During several marketing sessions we make it possible for you to share this knowledge. In it, interaction and exchange of ideas among participants we see of the utmost importance. The positive feedback we received from earlier participants has resulted in new and added financial revenu within companies. Our objective is to work together to achieve practical solutions. During our sessions we avoid participants to become overloaded with too much theory of an entire library that is shaken out at once.

Our international experience of an unique Marketing Product of concise training sessions is also suitable for international use. In co-operation with us you will explore new ways for your company and products/services to enter markets that you have been looking for possibly already for a longer time.

Our bringing of insights and new ideas during our marketing sessions resulting in bigger and more customer orders gives us much joy and fulfullment.