If it concerns a new foreign market, making a decision can be complicated, because there is a different legal framework, regulations and practices. A coach with the appropriate expertise and experience can be of value in situations like that.                   

Our professional coaching provides an efficient and focused guidance of managers and / or employees in this exploratory phase.


The expertise of the entrepreneur or the management is very important in the way we coach. They have the skills and talents to solve the problems and challenges that are involved in the process of change. We - the personal coach - guide at this process of transformation. We are not telling you what needs to be done, but cooperate to achieve a customized solution that is tailored to your individual goals and needs. 

With our coaching we ensure an optimal and effective outcome for the company. We give you certainty in your processes of change, so you can make decisions with confidence. The coaching of your company (corporate coaching) aims at supporting in the area of business management, taxes, legal issues, human resources, sales, distribution and finance. In addition, we take into account your objectives, strategies and motivation. 

Experience and knowledge is essential to the challenges associated with change. Our corporate coaching focuses specifically on an optimal implementation of processes in the everyday practice of your company. 

Vision -> object -> implementation -> Control -> adjustment


1.The demand for advice

The intake, which is free of charge and without obligations, gives a clear impression of what it is you want to change or implement. We make agreements on the content (SOLL and IST situation), duration and intensity of coaching, and with this how much effort is involved. 

2.The elaboration phase

The second step involves the elaboration and development of ideas, personal strategies, approaches and especially the conversion into practice. By means of an action and training program practical measures will be defined. The elaboration phase is characterized by personal interviews and deployment of useful methods, such as analyses, exercises, communication techniques, etc. 


We finalize the coaching with a debriefing of the process. We identify the changes achieved and check to what extent the measures taken and the set targets have been achieved (SOLL-/IST balance). In a final interview we will scrutinize this.