About us


The Institute for European Trade Promotion was established in the 1990's as a European Economic Cooperation Association (EWIV). The EWIV is the first "legal entity" which gives to its clients a clear legal framework to partners in Europa to co-operate.

The Institute was born by its supporting members. This makes it possible to provide educational and informational interviews free of charge.

The Institute for European Trade Promotion directs its activities mainly to small and medium-sized companies that wish to be supported to find access to international markets. Tot his effect we bring extensive knowledge, information and tips forward. Free information and informing about Europe with all its opportunities: that is our mainstay ! Welcome to Europe!


During a free explanatory conversation you are invited to inform us about ideas and plans, where you want to go, and with what product or service to which country you intend to go. During our first meeting we create a framework and and give guidelines and directions as to what capabilities, knowledge and steps are needed in order to achieve your goal. Of course we leave it to you whether you want to use the services of the Institute. For this more options are available:

o We offer a self starter kit free of charge containing information about what you need for the realization of your plans.

o You realize your plan with the assistance of external consultants such as lawyers, tax or other professional consultants. The cost of such advice, in some cases, is appicable for recovery through the institute.

o We take the whole process proces conveniently over from you ; We analyze the circumstances, give you an overview of the possibilities/alternatives with the only goal in mind that your plans are realized. And you? The advantage ! You remain focussed to what you are best at: To put the plans into action!

The Europan Institute for European Business Support has ist headquarters in Zeven (Northern Germany) where mostly all projects are co-ordinated under coherent supervision with international vision and knowledge. This is done by our own consultants and partners who are specialized in the fields of the (tax) law, staffing, finance, business management and organization, marketing/sales and subsidies. Our consultants are precisely selected and accredited by the following institutions:

  • Investitions- und Förderbank Niedersachsen GmbH (NBank)
  • Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
  • Rationalisierungskuratorium der dt. Wirtschaft (RKW)
  • EuroQuity