Do you know that ? You are considering entering new markets, perhaps even alternative ways to further grow your business. You wish to introduce your innovative products/services to the European market. You want to improve your vision on international affairs: explore Europe!

Ideally you would want to spend ample time to explore everything the right way, you would like to have all the relevant information at your disposal in order to make the right decicions that enables you to achieve the desired future strategy. You would like to have the necessary financial reserves to realize your vision, your dream. How nice would it be to master European languages commonly used, to know more of different cultures, to feel at home in legislation and taxation in other countries, to know about people, people with whom you wish.....


 Imagine you could establish contacts much easier and simpler with potential customers abroad by means of a clear overview of what's possible under present circumstances. Maybe you are looking for a partner abroad? Ever thought to take over a business ? Perhaps previously all worked out differently as you had planned ?

you can contact us for any of these questions you may have. We would be obliged to become your sparring partner. Here the Institute for International Trade Promotion sees a task laying ahead which is our mission statement ! We provide information and inform you about many things such as; local regulations, government funding, and applicable EU incentive or subsidy programs. Examples are taxes, regulations, guidelines, and co-operation transfer issues. We would like to show you possible new ways to reach your goal! Together we develop the perfect plan. With us everything remains conveniently under one roof !